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Cat Adoption / October 14, 2022


Each year tens of thousands of animals enter Pennsylvania’s animal shelters. By choosing to adopt, you are saving a homeless animal who needs a second chance at a loving home.

When you visit one of our adoption centers, our staff and volunteers will help match a pet to your family’s interests and needs. All adoptions include spay/neuter surgery, microchip, ID tag and initial vaccines.

Philadelphia Headquarters

Monday-Friday: 1-8 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10-5 PM

Located in North Philadelphia at 350 E. Erie Ave, the Pennsylvania SPCA headquarters has plenty of parking and a wide selection of pets to choose from.

Fishtown Center

Wednesday-Friday: 2-7 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 12-5 PM

Located in the Fishtown neighborhood in Philadelphia at 1546 Frankford Ave., the Center has cats and dogs looking for forever homes.

Central PA Center in Danville

Every day: 12:30-6 PM

The Danville Branch of the Pennsylvania SPCA is located in beautiful Montour County and is home to most of our farm species available for adoption, such as horses, ponies and sometimes even goats or cows. Danville also has many dogs and cats looking for forever homes.

Monster Pets Stores

Our friends at the Monster Pets chain have helped hundreds of wonderful kitties find forever families. The in-store adoption centers help our cats reach families in more parts of the region and give you a convenient place to both adopt and stock up on supplies for your new family member.

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