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Colony cats adoption Center

Cat Adoption / October 24, 2022

Who We Are

Colony Cats are just that. Many of these cats come from managed, feral colonies in central Ohio. The ones on this site need homes because they are too friendly, injured or young to be placed back in the wild to fend for themselves. All have been tested, vaccinated, spay/ neutered and microchipped. We can't pass by a dog needing help, either. So the dogs you might see on our adoptable list need great homes, too. The dogs needing homes have been heartworm tested, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Adopting a friend

If you think you want to adopt one of our precious felines or canines, email us or stop by the cage-free adoption center where over 70 of our adoptable kitties are waiting to meet you!

Come Visit Us!

Our cage free Colony Cats Adoption Center is located at 2740 Festival Lane, Dublin, OH 43017. We are in the shopping center at the SE corner of 161 and Sawmill Rd, facing Joann Fabric and Chuck E Cheese. Our hours are T-F 4-7, S-S 12-4, closed Monday. Stop by and see some of the great felines just waiting on their forever homes. Colony Cats & dogs
P O Box 163904
Columbus, OH
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