Baby black and white cats

White cats for adoption

Cat Adoption / May 7, 2017

As we dug in, what was most striking was the intake percentage. Just take a quick peek at the charts below and you can see that black is a popular color, and more black dogs and cats came in than other colors.

You will see this pattern continue when we look at adoptions. A higher percentage of black dogs and cats were adopted than any other color. For dogs, 10% more black dogs were adopted than the next highest color—brown dogs at 22%. And the difference was about the same for cats (other than gray being the next highest color adopted in cats).

And this year is no different. I recently pulled the numbers, and with the combined data of 65 agencies representing over 186, 500 cats, we found that black cats are adopted more than any other color.

Same is true for black dogs! Also consistent is that more black cats are entering the shelter than other colors, and the end result is that while more are adopted, more are also euthanized.

It is for this reason that I urge you to take advantage of the season to run your very best black cat promotions and boost live outcome opportunities. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

And swinging back to backfire… I understand some of you will read this and say that this is just not the case for you. And I will respectfully ask you to look at the data with an open mind and heart—as I think it may really be time to put this puppy to bed and focus on more cats going home.