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Shelter cats for adoption

Cat Adoption / December 30, 2021

This is Nomad, also known as the Party Crasher cat. He was discovered living under someone’s couch a couple of days after they’d had a party. Doors had been left open so Nomad apparently wandered in and made himself comfortable! He has been the perfect guest since arriving at the shelter, and we would love to find this wandering boy a place to call his own. We’ll never know his history but it’s clear from his condition when he came in that he’d had some rough times. He doesn’t ask for much – plenty of food, a comfortable place to sleep, and someone to brush and pet him – a lot! He’s FIV+ so he’ll need a home where he is the only cat, or one with other FIV cats. If you’re looking for a special cat to snuggle and spoil, there’s no better candidate than Nomad.


Theo is a young, affectionate, and very gentle boy looking for a new home. He hasn’t been with us long but he has quickly become a volunteer favorite. He lived with another cat in the past, so we think he’d be okay with a feline sibling after proper introductions, and would likely be happy with older, respectful children.

Sgt. Tibbs

Sgt. Tibbs is another of our “Dalmatian” catsone look at them and you’ll see how they got their names. In addition to his striking, unusual appearance, he’s got an irresistible personality. He’s calm, affectionate and confident and would do well in just about any kind of home.


Like his brother Sgt. Tibbs, Pongo has a winning combination of good looks and a great personality. He’s quite social and we suspect he’d be a great TV-watching companion once he gets into a home. Both Pongo and Sgt. Tibbs are about one year old.


Cosimo is a very special guy, looking for a special home. He’s about 9 years old, and came to us front-declawed. Cosimo’s life has been filled with changes – lots of new homes, new animals, and a baby – and it was all pretty overwhelming for him. It took him a few weeks to settle in with us, but with a consistent routine and patient handling he has found his stride! This handsome boy needs a home with an experienced cat person who will help him get comfortable, with no children and no other animals.


We are pleased to introduce Dora! It has been a long road for this amusing girl, but she is finally ready for her forever home. She was rescued by some kind people who found her living in their backyard and brought her to the shelter. At first it was impossible to tell for sure how feral she was and whether we would be able to socialize her. It took a little time and some patience — on her part AND ours — but she has blossomed into a playful, intelligent and affectionate cat. She’s currently in a foster home where she enjoys bird videos, playing with wand toys, and hanging out with her foster mom. Dora will need a calm home with an experienced and patient person to help her get comfortable in her new surroundings. If you’d like to find out more about Dora or make arrangements to meet her, email us at


Jingles is a quiet, unassuming elderly fellow looking for a forever home. He doesn’t ask for much — a comfortable spot in the window and maybe a bit of room on your bed at night. Jingles would prefer a quiet home without other animals, and at his age, we think he’s earned that much. He is currently on thyroid pills which he readily takes when tucked into a bit of food. Look at those eyes — how can you resist?

Tree Cats

Meet the ‘Tree Cats’! We recently took in about a dozen young cats (around ten months old) from a single house, and decided to name them after trees. Cedar, Maple, Aspen, Sycamore, and all the rest are adorable, gentle, and pretty impossible to resist. The Trees are quite bonded and rely on one another for companionship, comfort and grooming, so we are adopting them out in pairs. Of course, if you’d like a trio, we can make that happen as well! Stop by and meet them — they’re vet checked and anxious to settle into their forever homes!

Sheridan & Sherman- Adoption Pending!

Sheridan (grey female) is two or three years old and loves petting and cuddling, playing with toys, and chasing string. Though she is small she is very confident and curious. One of her favorite pastimes is watching birds and squirrels outside and wishing she could chase them. She also loves jumping to high places like shelves and mantles where she can lie down and see everything around her. Given the opportunity, though, she is just as likely to come lie on your lap and nudge your hand until you can’t resist petting her.

Sherman (black male) is a little bigger than Sheridan, but follows her lead. He also loves watching birds through the window, and gets so excited that he will chatter with them. When he isn’t watching the wildlife, Sherman is a big cuddler, and loves being petted on your lap. He sometimes plays with your hand while you pet him but at the end of the day he wants as much attention as he can get. They both are a little shy at first but once they learn to trust you they are very loving and playful.


M.J. is a quiet senior cat looking for a quiet, calm place to live out her golden years. She enjoys being brushed and getting some pets, but is equally happy to be on her own just observing what’s going on around her. She requests no young children, please, and would ideally be an only pet.

Tinker Taylor- In foster!!

Tinker Taylor is a beautiful, playful 1-year-old cat who needs to find a very special home. She has an incurable neurological condition that impacts her movement and bladder. To learn more about Tinker,

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