Stirrups for classic riding

Humane Society / August 24, 2021

The safety stirrups make it easier for the rider to hold the saddle correctly. For comfort in a normal gait, when the rider is seated in the saddle and the legs naturally descend, the sole of the stirrup should be positioned about two centimeters above the heel of the boot. The stirrup is shod up to a third of the foot, the widest part of the sole rests on the board, the rider presses lightly on the heel, which is therefore lower than the tip of the foot. To keep the stirrups flat and not injure the rider, the front branch of the forged stirrup must be on the outside.

In order to use his natural aids correctly, the rider must ensure that the stirrups can only support the weight of his leg. If he takes too much support in the stirrup, he cannot use his plate perfectly and squeezes the knee, which limits the action of his leg. Stirrups that are not shod enough can easily get lost, and overly shod will not allow you to have an excellent trot.

Magnetic safety stirrups are great for classic riding. An internal magnet helps to adjust the foot in the right place on the stirrup. They are easy to use, grip and disengage with ease, minimizing the risk of falling off the horse and the foot from the stirrup. However, should a fall occur, one side of this equipment is open for easy release and injury prevention. Most athletes use these stirrups and are happy with the result.

The length of the stirrup depends on the equestrian discipline performed. It is shorter over the obstacle and during the race to make it easier for the rider to balance when galloping. In this case, the stirrups replace the plate to support the rider's body weight.

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