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Cats for adoption sheffield

Cat Adoption / September 13, 2022

Families are realizing that the pet of their dreams can be found at their local shelter. We have lovable dogs, cats and frequently bunnies of all sizes, shapes, and ages. You have an excellent chance of finding the perfect companion who matches your family’s lifestyle. We have purebred animals as well as one-of-a-kind mixed breeds – many of whom have already lived with families and are `move-in’ ready. By adopting, you make a big difference in so many ways!

You Save Lives

One of the most rewarding aspects of adopting a shelter animal is that you save a life by providing a home for a deserving animal. There is no better feeling than welcoming a shelter pet into your home. Your new pet will appreciate the second chance for a wonderful life with you and you will have a best friend for life.

Shelter Animals Make Great Pets

Many animals end up in our shelter because of circumstances beyond their control. They were the helpless victims of a family death, illness, divorce or a move. Some may have had pet parents who didn’t learn how to train them. And there are those who were left with us because of a behavior problem that their pet parents didn’t try to or weren’t able to resolve. Through no fault of their own, we become their temporary home and provide them with shelter, health care, love and compassion until they find their forever home.

Our shelter animals are healthy, affectionate animals that are well socialized by staff and volunteers. All cats are house trained. All dogs, regardless of age, will need some training or retraining in order to learn the ins and outs of your new household. Fortunately, many resources are available to help you transition your dog to his new home. From books and training classes to TV shows, there are many experts who will share their training tips with you. Take advantage of them so you and your pet get off to a strong start. The time you put working with your pet at the beginning will pay off for many years to come.

Shelter Pets Cost Less

Another advantage of adoption is that shelter animals are a real bargain! Our adoption fee includes a thorough initial physical exam, spay/neuter surgery, micro chipping, vaccinations, and a free wellness visit at a local participating veterinarian. These services cost hundreds of dollars for those who purchase their dogs through breeders or pet stores.

You Support A Worthy Community Institution

Our shelter has been caring for and finding homes for animals of the San Gabriel Valley for 90 years. Our mission is “to provide a compassionate environment for the well-being of the animals in our care. With the dedication of our staff and volunteers, we strive to find permanent, loving homes for all of our creatures.”

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