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Cat Adoption / October 28, 2022

10 Important Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

Do you know what are the Top 10 most important things potential pet adopters should consider to ensure they have the best possible adoption experience? See below for the top 10 most important things potential adopters should consider when adding a permanent pet to the family. The top 10 checklist is based on a Purina Pets For People survey of more than 180 animal shelters and rescue groups across the United States. Education is a crucial factor in keeping pets in forever homes, and that's why the Permanent Pet Adoption checklist can be a valuable resource for potential pet adopters.

  1. Provide sufficient exercise and stimulation. (Walk dogs according to individual need, provide playtime and appropriate toys for both dogs and cats, spend time just petting and talking to your pet, include pet in family activities.)
  2. Plan for a several-week adjustment period during which there will be challenges.
  3. If you're adopting a pet for your kids, understand that the responsibility is yours. Kids, by their nature, often tire of things that were once new and exciting, and this includes their pets. You will most likely end up being the one who provides most of the pet's care.
  4. Don't adopt a pet on a whim or because you feel it's love-at-first-sight. Do your research and carefully consider all the aspects and implications of adopting before you make a decision.
  5. Choose a pet appropriate to your living situation and lifestyle. Figure out what size, age, and energy-level pet is most appropriate for you.
  6. Instead of giving a pet as a surprise gift, involve the gift recipient in selecting a pet. You can make the surprise be an adoption gift certificate in a gift-wrapped box instead.
  1. Make any necessary modifications to your yard and fence, if you have one, to provide for your pet's safety and to prevent your pet from escaping.
  2. Verify in advance that you're allowed to keep a pet where you live, especially if you rent or belong to a homeowners' association.
  3. Be prepared for a pet to affect other parts of your life for as long as you have the pet (can be up to 15 years for a dog and 20 years for cat). Your pet's well-being will have to be considered in all kinds of decisions, including travel, social life, relocating to a new home, adopting other pets, having children, etc.
  4. When you adopt, you need to make a real commitment to care for your pet for its entire life, no matter what that entails, just as you would with a child.

Shelter, SPCA, humane society, or rescue: What's the difference?

You've researched what type of pet would be the best match for your lifestyle, read up on training, pet-proofed your home, even tossed around a few name ideas. Your schedule for the next few weeks is open. You are ready to adopt a pet! You can see thousands of pets on from your local pet shelters, humane societies, and pet rescue organizations. But before you click on that irresistible furry face in the search results, do you know what is the best type of pet adoption organization for you? While they vary tremendously from community to community, here's some information about the different types of pet adoption organizations to help you know what to expect from each type. Informed adoption is a better experience for everyone. Whether you adopt from a dog rescue, cat rescue, puppy rescue, dog shelter, cat shelter, animal rescue or animal shelter, you will be a homeless pet hero! Click here to read about the differences between an animal shelter, humane society, rescue, and SPCA.

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