Cats for adoption in lebanon

Cat Adoption / September 2, 2022

JessieCan You Volunteer? *Rescue Foster Homes* *Transport help for animals* *Adoption Event help*

Donations Needed

Many of the animals that we take in are strays and may also have extensive medical needs, including getting them current on vaccinations, spaying and neutering them (of course), dental work, etc.To or click on the PayPal Donate button. You can also "sponsor" a dog if you have a favorite... once you're at their page you can find the green button above the pictures on the right hand side.

We are always looking for Foster Homes

PAN does not have a shelter and works exclusively out of foster homes, which are always in short supply. Foster Homes provide a lifeline for our adoptable pets while we become acquainted with their needs and capabilities, and search for their forever home. We are able to provide some resources to our foster homes, and we do conduct home visits before placing animals.


We are specializing in dogs that don't do well in a shelter environment and owner surrenders brought on by the economy, and 2012 is already very active. We continue to have great hope for all animals in need and are most grateful to our partners in rescue.

A great BIG THANK YOU! to

* Petco - Corvallis and Albany Stores * the Petco Foundation * Dr Sabra Thomas at All Creatures Great and Small * Heartland Humane Society * Willlamette Humane Society * Safehaven Humane Society * Rivers Edge Pet Medical Center *

Our greatest need are Rescue Foster Homes. Save a life! Become a rescue foster parent for dogs of all sizes, cats and kittens.

Please e-mail us at to find out more about fostering an animal in need.

Don't have time or space to foster, but still want to help? Your donation will help us with veterinary costs, toys, beds, special diet foods and so much more! You can also "Sponsor-A-Pet" by clicking on the button on each animal's page!!

Who We Are

Pet Adoption Network is an IRS designated 501c3 non-profit organization. We work effectively through a network of services and support. Pet Adoption Network is not a shelter and does not have a facility. Animals in our care are placed in foster homes while they receive medical attention and lots of love until they are up for adoption. We assist the public with re-homing their pets, (with sufficient advance notice), as well as finding the perfect pet for those who are wishing to provide a permanent home for an unwanted animal. We are also available to assist shelters and rescue groups who are overwhelmed and need to find placements for some of their animals. We offer help to the public as well as extra publicity for rescue groups and local shelters. Our goal is to help animals in transition so they do not end up in dangerous situations and to provide assistance to shelters if an animal is in danger of euthanasia or needs special attention. We support shelters and frustrated families by being a resource for training, veterinary help or contacting rescues.

What are Adoption Fees Used For?

We've been asked numerous times about our "adoption fee" - Why are the rates different? or, Why so much? Our only resources are from adoption fees and donations. We do not receive any support from local government, or taxes of any kind. We also offer discounted fees for senior and disabled applicants.

Adoption Fees primarily pay for medical costs for our animals - they are always spayed or neutered or if too young, we follow-up to ensure that does take place, when appropriate. Surrendered pets are usually not up to date on vaccinations and we provide most all vaccines except Rabies. Microchips are implanted either with other surgery or separately. We also pay for special medications that a particular animal may require or treatment for neglectful situations they may come from. We also assist foster homes with collars, leashes, bedding, crates, kennels and environmental needs like a heated den if the dog has very short fur. Additionally, there are operating costs for supplies, registration fees and costs for staging events. We also incur some very high medical expenses for animals that come in injured that far exceed any adoption fee that we will recover on that particular animal, but when it is possible to ensure a quality of life, we do have a small reserve for extraordinary costs.

We DO NOT pay salaries for staff, all efforts are performed with volunteer assistance, on volunteer time, in personally owned vehicles. We occasionally pay transportation costs to volunteers, but not as often as they deserve. We do a lot of travel, doing home checks, transporting animals to their forever homes, and adoption events. We are committed to the animal and their well-being, making sure that they are adopted into a loving and able family.

Adopting a Friend

If you are interested in one of our adoptable pets, please contact us through the link listed in the pet's biography. You will be required to fill out an adoption application and if approved, we'll do a home visit and if all goes well, you can look forward to bringing your new friend home. Adoption fees vary. If the animal is too young to be spayed/neutered, a spay/neuter contract will have to be signed. We will follow up with you when the animal reaches the appropriate age. We want both you and your new furry friend to be absolutely happy!
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