FOAU’s mission is to protect and provide for animals while fostering an awareness of their importance in our lives. This mission includes our goal of improving the quality of life of animals and placing them into loving and permanent homes through rescue, extraordinary and compassionate care, and humane education.


FOAU envisions a community where every pet has a permanent and loving home, every companion animal is spayed or neutered, and all pets are treated with respect and compassion.



FOAU rescues animals that are adoptable or treatable from shelters throughout Northern Utah. FOAU rescues over 1,000 animals per year. Approximately 50% of these animals are rescued from shelters in Summit and Wasatch Counties. The other 50% of these animals are rescued from shelters in the Salt Lake Valley. Intake consideration is based on space and inventory mix.


FOAU is committed to treating each and every client in a respectful and professional manner in order to ensure that they have a positive experience, making every effort to exceed their expectations.


FOAU will make every reasonable effort to accept adoptable or treatable animals back into our program.


FOAU. is committed to managing our financial resources responsibly and diligently by utilizing sound business practices.


FOAU will make a sincere effort to match each animal with a suitable, loving and permanent home.


FOAU is committed to creating and maintaining a positive and professional image in our community by acting as a responsible advocate for those animals we represent.


FOAU will provide a level of care to its rescue animals that is consistent with what is found in a loving home environment. FOAU is also committed to assisting special needs animals.


FOAU recognizes the value of each employee, volunteer, and partner contributing to the professional and humane treatment of animals in an atmosphere built on trust and respect for one another.


FOAU is committed to keeping current on animal welfare practices and educating the community on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare issues.