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Cat Adoption / June 26, 2022

PetSmart stores do not sell dogs or cats, but instead allow animal shelters and rescue agencies to use their space to get animals adopted. Cats are even housed permanently in PetSmart’s Luv-A-Pet Adoption Centers until they are adopted. Our volunteers staff the centers to help find homes for the cats and tend to their needs.

Both the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet Center on and on house adoptable VBSPCA cats. The Virginia Beach SPCA prefers to send adult cats to the adoption center because there are so many of them looking for a home, and it is hard for them to compete for affection from people at the shelter when there are hundreds of little kittens hanging around!

The adoption process for cats at PetSmart is similar to that at the VBSPCA. A potential adopter should expect to spend some time with the cat in which they are interested, then complete an adoption application with the assistance of a VBSPCA volunteer or PetSmart staff member. The application will be faxed to the shelter, and the potential adopter can expect to hear from the shelter within 24-48 hours. From there, the process is very much as described in “how to adopt.”