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Cat Adoption / November 9, 2020

Jack and Diane were abandoned as babies on the side of the road. One of our doctors rescued them. Jack and Diane are now approximately 16 weeks old. Both kittens are siblings. They are spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated. Sadly, when we had them at the hospital for routine veterinary care, they both tested positive for Corona virus.

This means they must live in a home with no other cats. There is a slim chance they could develop FIP which is fatal. However, chances are very, very good they will live a normal life. The virus is not contagious to any other species but cats.

These poor babies need someone with a big heart and a loving indoor home to allow them to have a family for Christmas and for always. There is no greater calling than saving the lives of two innocent creatures. Could you be that special person with a huge heart for animals?

This is Jasper. He is currently 3 months old and was found on a busy freeway in the middle of the night. He loves to cuddle and take naps. He has a loud purr and talks back (the good kind). He loves dangling string toys and rolling toys. Jasper tested positive for FeLV. He injured his leg when we found him but the xrays confirmed no break or fracture. Everything looked normal and he is on his way to recovering from a strain. That doesn't break his spirits of being a happy kitten that explores his surroundings though. He needs a household preferably with no other cats. He is up to date on vaccines and needs a caring human to love.

Chelsea Goetz