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Cat Adoption / November 21, 2022

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The staff was friendly and helpful. You have to fill out an application before you can go in the rooms that have the cats. They really took the time to make sure that I found a cat that worked with me and matched my personality. I ended up going several times to visit with the cats before I made a choice on who I wanted to adopt. They are also helpful with any questions you have after the adoption process is over and your cat is at home. This is the first time I have adopted an animal in my adult life so I really don't have any other places to compare it to but it was a good experience.

This appears to be a "questionable" business and has been reported to the Better Business Bureau. I appreciate that these little cats need a loving home and wanted to help out and adopt one, rather than go to a breeder. It took me 17 years to recover emotionally from losing my last pet, and felt ready for a new one. I filled out the "cat adoption application". Someone named "Kimberly Thomas" emailed me and requested that I supply my "current vet names". I explained that the last vet was in San Diego almost 20 years ago! This started a chain of utterly ridiculous exchange of emails. I actually called the Veterinarian in SD (of course he'd retired), and they laughed when I requested 20 year records on rabies and wellness visits. I explained this to "Kimberly". She then wanted my "current vets". I explained that my aquarium fish don't really go to the vet for shots and/or wellness visits (the irony seemed to escape her). She emailed me that "I was not a match" for their stray cat adoption program! Imagine this: I'm a NC Licensed teacher (which comes with a current CRIMINAL background check!), a Mom, new Grandmother, head of an animal rescue group, an Officer in the PGW, have no other pets in the home, etc., etc. but yet not "qualified" to bring home and nourish and love a cat headed for euthanization! I hope "Kimberly" loses her job, as she is not bright enough to work there. Good luck with "adopting" your cats out. I've decided to not deal with "quaks " like this agency, and I'll spend $650 for a Siamese from a BREEDER! I hope they close you down.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE PEOPLE! They are more interested in collecting cats than finding good homes for them. I have had cats since I was born and have always loved them. My parents foster cared for cats for many years. Once I moved out on my own I adopted cats from people who couldn't take care of them any more. The youngest cat I had was 10 years old. The other 2 I had were both 12 years old. Since I knew their owners I was always provided with their medical histories. All 3 cats lived to ripe old ages (15, 18, & 19 to be exact). They were never sick so I didn't have a vet. This fact is important later. My wife and I went in Saturday to adopt a cat. We just spent 6 months cat sitting a cat who hates other animals so we waited until he went home. He had kidney problems and required 2 pills a day. I filled out their application and explained to them that I didn't have a vet. We could get one no problem however. They took us in the back and that's where I made the biggest mistake. I fell in love with their mascot who was actually adoptable. Our chemistry was perfect and even the staff noted it. From that point on every attempt was made to find me unacceptable. They harped on a vet check even though I told them I didn't have one. The next day I got an email again harping on a vet check. It's like asking for a picture of your daughter over and over when you only have a son. In the end they got their way and I gave up. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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