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Adopt a cat in Vietnam

Cat Adoption / March 31, 2022

Many people know that the Vietnamese are a superstitious people. Cats are rarely seen on the street, but there are a lot of birds and dogs. You also rarely see them in institutions, but you can notice them at temples.

Everything is explained simply: the cat's meowing means «poverty» in Vietnamese. And in order not to attract poverty to your home — cats are not kept there. But cats are not to blame for your financial problems. After all, you can always find an additional source of income, for example, a ketqua, xo so.

Therefore, despite superstitions, be sure to get a cat at home. She will be your favorite pet, especially the younger generation will be happy, because they love to play with animals and take care of them. For them it is always an additional entertainment.

Cats have medicinal properties, so this should still be an additional argument.

Image by João Jesus from Pexels